$10 commissions???



Hey guys!! Fall break for me is coming up, and I have five days off and I’ll be on campus without any homework. I have two commissions to do (sorry Gale, sorry Stef! I’ll get to them this weekend promise), but my paypal is EMPTY and I need money for groceries and necessities… So would anyone want ten dollar commissions? They’ll be full body and cleaned up pretty good, limited to one character!

SO THIS IS SUDDENLY URGENT i had to shell out an extra 70 bucks for a ext. hard drive for an art class and have no money for food this month …….. pls help or spread the word thanks!! i’d really appreciate it!!


Accent-Maker’s Pixel Checker!

I finally figured out how the histogram thing to check percentages worked, and figured hey, why not spend a bit making a tutorial, so other people don’t have to worry about it? I mean, I made the list anyway, right? :D

Was gonna post on the FR forums but I wasn’t sure if it should be under Guides or Skins and Accents.

Anyway, feel free to use the chart for reference when making your accents! I hear they round up to the nearest pixel, but just in case things are left un-rounded.