So I went downtown over the weekend and I have a bunch of shiny gengar codes now! Since I only wanted one, I’m going to give them away on tumblr! (For US/Canada only, I think, since the code only works in NA prob)

Reblog/Like for your chance to get a shiny gengar! Keep your askbox open so that I can message you your codes!

I’m picking names on Friday (the 24th), redeem it by the 26th!

Thanks for the answer! I picked it up and it feels great! Thank you for the post/recommendation! Now for the obligatory: what brush do you usually use for your glorious lines? o:

Awesome! I just use the default ones actually, I really like the watercolour brushes for just about everything: Dense watercolour for lineart, smooth for shading, etc.

Heyo, just wonderin, do you use clip studio paint for your art? o: i'm debating on whether or not to buy it since I own sai already.

Yes, all the time! I’ve pretty much ditched SAI and moved over to use CSP for everything now. I can’t recommend it enough!