Wildclaw adopt base that I might be potentially offering up! Just wanted to do an interest check to see how it goes before I actually open a shop later, maybe! Will eventually do other species too if things pick up from there! The finished one is owned by a dum birb as an example.


Artist List!


Thank you for your applications! We have finally finished putting together our artist list!


 659 participants!!!!!!

 ̄Y^Y^Y^^Y^^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


We have sent out all assignment emails for the participants! 

It contains your deadline dates and additional information about how to submit your artwork to us. They were all sent over a period of days, so if you haven’t checked your mail (and spam inbox!) you better check it now!

After you receive and read this email, you can start sending us your finished image!

  • Countdown will start on October 2nd for 50 days.
  • Around 13~14 artworks(per day) will be posted from Day 50 to Day 1
  • Pokemon ORAS will be released on November 21st!

The artist list is as follows: (alphabetical order)

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I’m drawing for the ORAS countdown~ Look forward to my art on Day 20! :D


Bird and I decided to be derps and do a Teo collab together for a GP auction! Sketch, lineart and above premade color by me while Bird shaded it! (Look amg at her gorgeous shadez!)

Same as the previous Teo auction I had, winner gets the rights to the base and the above premade design. (But have to provide four colors themselves since we both are lazrs and don’t like coloring)

Go buy it people, you know you wanna!! B)

Oops got AB’d! Thanks!



Together with You: Dante/Ammy Fanbook 

A UMvC3 fanbook that is heavily centered on Dante and Amaterasu (from Devil May Cry and Okami, respectively).

Soft covered and 48-pages filled with illustration and mini comics. R-16!!

Guest art by: doomfest, ge-b, oniiika, @sidefury, veloxiraptor, and weee!

The book is in the process of being printed~You can still grab one now and receive the two freebies! Pre-order it now!

Hehhehehehehe i did art for this! support shunao and pick up one ITS GONNA BE GREAT SON